04 May 2016

Morning Quotes - Sayang Mak Sayang Bapak


hargai mereka selagi mereka masih ada di dunia :') 

hari demi hari usia semakin tua :') bila bila masa Allah akan tarik orang orang yang kita sayang kerana Allah lebih menyayangi nyaa :')
doakan mereka di dunia dan akhirat :')


Selamat pagi dan selamat bekerja :*

03 May 2016

Fashion Online Malaysia


As all of you know that all NEW trendy  fashion can get by clicking only ! Want to know more, so let's read this  and you will find what you want !!

We are again at that point of the season when fashionistas around the world try to figure out what is the next big thing and what are the new fashion trends of spring. We can see that for this year we all have prepared for new innovations from big fashion labels, which will be a lot more interesting than spring 2015 collection.

Well let's see 4 MUST-HAVES FASHION ONLINE MALAYSIA trends for this summer !!


Spring this year is all about vivid abstract patterns with a mix of plenty of colour to keep the game going. Let us all take inspiration from the tropics and give our outfit a new spin with printed matching two-piece. Try teaming with a plain V-neck t-shirt and complete the outfit with a pair of sneakers. Wow !! it's look nice,trendy,cooly and simple guys  !


Have you ever given it a thought that white is a colour that can be chic all year around? A fresh white ensemble would be perfect to give a twist on your look. Add a textured bag and you could instantly update your spring look ! Do you know what , i am one of the crazy white colour cause white is more suitable to any colour to mix and it's beautiful :)


These kinds of vivid prints could turn heads and they come with the best style mixed of different shapes and sizes. Planning to give this trend a try ? Let the print do the talking and be sure to keep your accessories less to as minimum as possible. How about this print ? Do you like or not ? For me after i know how to trend it , i am in love with geometric print !


Behold the beauty of bohemian style as everyone has apparently been working up with the 70s nostalgic trend and it is the key trend of this spring. One tip while pulling off this style always keep your makeup clean and contemporary. 

So now you know what you want ?! So what are you waiting for ? Let's start our shopping guys !!

Resepi Apam Nasi


Permulaan bulan 5 ni meh yaya share resepi senang dan mudah :D

kali ni resepi apam nasi . nyum sedap taw :D

kat bawah ni resepi nya . terima kasih kepada tuan empunya resepi drpda group masak dkt fb :)

kalau tak nampak,mohon click gambar tu dan zoom sikit2 . hihi . 100% ikut resepi nya ni

 -secawan nasi diblend dgn 1 1/4 cawan air sampai hancur cmpur dgn 3/4 cawan gula 
-1cwn tpg gandum
-1cwan tpg beras
-1st yis
secubit garam
-campur semua bahan kering biar sekata dan campurkan dgn nasi n gula yg dah diblend td
gaul sebati dan perap 3jam
kukus kalau acuan kecil 10-15 minit .

ni apam nasi first try yaya dengan mak. laa ni dah ber try try banyak kali dah. boleh suka hati nak letak colour apa pun, boleh suka hati nak letak dalam acuan apa pun . mak yaya suka apam nasi ni sebab tu selalu buat :D