29 May 2013

Believing in Allah is everything :')

assalamualaikum :')

Believing in someone is good .

 Believing in yourself is great .

Believing in ALLAH is everything .

28 May 2013

Congratulations to my friend :')

assalamualaikum :)

yaya want to say congrats to my friends whose get the chance to continue their studies .
congrats to them : 
 - Farah ( continue her studies at Matrik Melaka )
-Aina ( continue her studies at Matrik Teknikal Kedah )
- Zafirah ( continue her studies at  UitM melaka in Dip cmmnctn & media )
- Nurul (maybe continue her studies at Kolej Komuniti )
- Alis ( continue her studies at Politeknik Behrang )
-Namirah ( maybe continue her studies at Politeknik Kedah )
-Ikhmal (continue his studies at Uitm Segamat in Dip pengurusan maklumat )

and the others whose yaya not mention their name , sorry okay . because only this that my friends that i know where their continue studies . 

by the way guys , good luck kayy :') do the best for your study :")

pray for yaya too hope get to continue my studies :')