Make up or non-make up or little bit make up .

by - Wednesday, May 07, 2014

assalamualaikum :)

Which one is you ? Do you prefer make up or non-make up or just only a little bit make up on your face ?
For yaya , I just only like a little bit make up on my face and sometimes when I spend time out with family and friends I doesn’t put any make up ! haha . I like a natural face and For yaya its depends on situation that we should use make up or not . right ? For your information , the MAKE UP things I just only have powder , tony moly lip bam , smooth pink lipstick and “celak” . Yaa , I don’t have a mascara and so on lah . Cause why ?! Cause I just only like a simple make up on face ..  So , which one is you guys ?

Do you know what ?! , I hate the “tebal” make up ! Its like a momok ! haha .  don’t angry with me , I just only kidding :D sometimes , make up on “hantu” face is better than human face whose put the “tebal” make up on their face .  right ? and sometimes I felt “menjengkelkan” when have a people put the “tebal” make up on their face to go to “pasar” . hehe . only go to “pasar “ laaa beb ! no need to put like that dear ..But, not all whose are put “tebal”make up are not beautiful , the important things is the ways you put your “tebal” make up,  must follow correct ways. If the ways you put right , your face is more beautiful than me . hehe .   

Sorry guys . that is my opinion only .
But guys , its depends on that people . maybe they felt comfortable which what they use on their face 
So , which one is you readers ? Share with me :D

Maaf laaa . English cheq lintang pukang bak hang ! Harap hampa dapat faham laa apa cheq tuleh tuu :D

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