Last Entry in 2013 :')

by - Friday, December 27, 2013

Assalamualaikum dear readers :* long time no see . ehh . no no . long time yaya didn’t type any entry for this ugly blog :D thousand million billion trillion sorrrrryyyy for those who want yaya follow and reply their blogwalking that yaya cant do it that time . sorry because yaya  so busy since yaya be a student ..

Before yaya wanna to pot pet pot pet , yaya served this pic to all :D take a  1sec to find where is yaya #haha

 KAM1101H (Dis 2013-Apr 2014) Diploma Pentadbiran Awam 
Fakulti Sains Pentadbiran dan Pengajian Polisi (UiTM Merbok,Kedah )

ok done ! lets begin now ! . orait . yaya busy with class , extra class at night , assignment , test , quiz and others laaa . so before we jump to the 2014 . this entry is last from yaya in 2013 . Here yaya wanna to say big thanks to my parents and my lovely family because always with yaya through hard and easy together . seriously all the sweet moment will yaya memorise in my mind while the bitter moment yaya let it pass and hope the bitter moments will not happen again to me :’) Not forget to my buddyzzz ! that always supported me from back and always make me happy with them . To my ex teachers in secondary and primary school , yaya wanna to say thank you so much for everything for giving me an education , teaching me when yaya in “blurrrr” , supported me , advising me and so on lahh .. don’t know how to say . but , seriously yaya really really love them :’) they bring many “rainbow” in my life . THANK YOU ALLAH FOR GIVING THEM TO ME :’) 

And now yaya in new phases that is “University Life” , so what will happen on the next next day . just pray to Allah and tawakal to Allah that yaya can through this new challenges. See you guys in new entry , new year , new news from yaya :)

nota kaki : yaya sekarang tgh cuba nak memantapkan eng skills , sebab tu laa ni bercadang nak tlis entry full in eng . in sha Allah :D if ada wrong spelling wrong grammar in my eng . tolong tegur yaya ye :) thanks guys ! LOVE YOU :*  see guys in 2014 :* in sha Allah :)

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